Read about it here. The full statement from the National Guard is below: The Indiana National Guard is aware of an issue that soldiers with the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team conducting training at both Fort Knox and Camp Atterbury have reported seeing worms in their stool. These soldiers were evaluated by both unit medical personnel and installation preventive medicine. An initial diagnosis check over here based on a visual exam was made that pointed to the possibility of pinworms, which is a common worm infection. Stool samples from those Soldiers were then sent to the lab for testing in order to confirm the initial diagnosis. Shortly after this, other Soldiers stated that they were experiencing interview skills and strategies similar issues. In order to take immediate precaution, and prevent the spread of possible pinworm, the Preventive Medicine personnel at Fort Knox, in coordination with the Unit leadership, took preventive measures to ensure that this potential issue didnt spread any further than possible. These measures included bringing in soldiers from their field training environment and into barracks where they could shower and adequately clean themselves and their equipment. Outside bathroom facilities, or port-a-johns, were disinfected and sanitized. As a precaution, several Soldiers were given an over the counter medication designed to eliminate the pinworm and prevent its spread to others.

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