The Americans were backed by a vociferous crowd in Minnesota and Jacklin is worried the support for Europe in Paris could fall short of expectations. “When it’s in the UK we get tremendous support,” he said. “When it was in Valderrama in Spain in 1997 there were a lot of British holidaymakers there who supported it. “But the French people are not what you would call staunch golf fans. It’s a little bit less of a home advantage in my opinion. ELITEST GAME “The vast majority don’t know what golf is because it’s regarded as an elitist game… it’s the same in Spain and Italy,” added Jacklin, an ambassador for the 2017 farmfoods British Par 3 Championship from Aug. 8-11 ( “Despite what Victor Dubuisson has done for France, Seve Ballesteros for Spain or Bernhard Langer for Germany, golf still struggles to get to the masses in those countries.” Jacklin also underlined the need to change the qualifying system to avoid a repeat of the situation that occurred at Hazeltine. Clarke had three wildcard picks but was unable to select then-world number 12 Paul Casey because the U.S.-based Englishman is not a member of the European Tour. ContinuedScotland’s Russell Knox , who also plays most of his golf in America, was overlooked by Clarke for a wildcard spot despite being 19th in the rankings.

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Women with PMS often suffer with painful cramps, depression, anxiety and mood swings Other options include prescribing certain forms of the contraceptive pill that a woman takes continuously to avoid having a period. This then prevents the hormone fluctuations that cause PMS. additional Professor Shaughn OBrien, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Keele University, says PMS can dramatically impact the quality of a womans life Or, a type of antidepressant called an SSRI may be prescribed to manage mood swings. Four in ten women experience symptoms of PMS and 5 to 8 per cent of these will suffer severe PMS, according to the newly published guidance. The most common symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, loss of confidence and mood swings. Some women also experience physical symptoms such as bloating and breast pain. Getty Images 4 Four in ten women experience symptoms of PMS including stomach cramps, low mood, anxiety and breast pain Under the new guidelines, doctors can only diagnose a girl or woman with PMS if she suffers symptoms between days 14 and 28 of her menstrual cycle the two weeks before her period. The symptoms must also be severe enough to impact her daily life such as affecting school work and/or relationships and ease as soon as her periods start. In order to track a pattern, doctors are advised to make a woman keep a symptom diary over two months.

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