Feel Free in Maldives

In 1993 a new recreational kayak came into the marketplace from New Zealand. As solutions minded form-designers and roto-moulders, the founding Feelfree team studied kayaks in the marketplace and realized some basic but critical performance and convenience features were being overlooked. With those observations they began designing what is now considered the world’s best recreational kayaks.

Heavy emphasis was (and is) placed on incorporating features such as defined hull lines that dramatically influence responsiveness and straight-line tracking. With these innovative designs, Feelfree has managed to create boats that appeal to the leisure paddler and the adventure paddler alike. To attract the more experienced paddlers, they streamlined the shape to help promote speed & response and they designed a thigh straps option for those who like to play in the surf and/or rodeo the rapids. To appeal to the recreational or novice paddler, that same hull also promotes stability and easy manueverability.

Although Feelfree mastered those perfomance & versatility aspects that set them apart from the competition, they didn’t stop there. The Feelfree team took a good hard look at the comfort, convenience and safety needs of paddlers and injected those features into the design as well. These are just a few of the “Feelfree standards” you will find on our boats i.e., deck layouts that are comfortable yet stylish – moulded in carry handles ­ recessed and moulded in safely lines ­ drink holders ­ dry and wet storage – comfortable & adjustable seats – optional skeg for additional tracking performance – optional thigh straps to help the paddler carve into surf or whitewater +++.

With rapid sales came the need for a manufacturer who would be strategically placed to further international expansion. This manufacturer would carry on the quality & innovation that became synonomous with Feelfree and would become an integral partner in future kayak and accessory designs. In 1999, Feelfree welcomed Joy Sports of Thailand into it’s family as the Feelfree Kayak (and accessory lines) manufacturer and began its international quest. With that leap toward mass production, Feelfree was then positioned to be introduced into the international marketplace and just recently in 2004, into the USA. Today Feelfree kayaks and accessories are enthusiastically received in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We hope you have an opportunity to Feelfree with us.