Feel Free Kayak

Introducing the Feelfree™ Kayaks one of the most well thought and well constructed sit-inside and sit-on -top kayaks in the industry. Check the range of Kayaks available.


 ks-apollo  ks-nomad  ks-gemini
Appollo – (sit on top)
Nomad – (sit on top)
Gemini – (sit on top)
 ks-tri-yak  ks-move  ks-dolphin-i
Tri-Yak – (sit on top)
Move – (sit on top)
Dolphin I – (sit inside)
 ks-dolphin-ii  ks-xpress-basic  ks-xpress-delux
Dolphin II – (sit inside)
X-Press Basic – (sit inside)
X-PressDelux – (sit inside)