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I say that because Ive experienced living in the ghetto in the United States in Baltimore and in New York. The ghettos that are out here in Rio, its totally two different ways of living. The survival tactics, the mindset you got to have, theres some similarities but its a big difference in how theyre living in a third-world country and how were living back in the States in our own ghettos. Global poverty is something thats sad. Its something that I wish everybody could see. I wish everybody could Website go there and see what its really like. Anthony, who is in his fourth Olympics, has used his platform as a star for the NBAs New York Knicks to speak out on social issues. In recent months, he voiced his concerns about police shootings involving the African American community and called for athletes to take a stand. Anthony also was part of a moving speech with fellow NBA stars LeBron James, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade at the ESPY Awards, urging athletes to speak out against violence and in support of black lives. View photos Carmelo Anthony stands on the court prior to the semifinal match against Spain. (Getty) More And when Anthony, 32, goes back into urban neighborhoods like his own, he says his message can really resonate with the people who live there because of his own experiences. You start realizing whats important and whats not important.

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Furthermore, the increased prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in south Asian women may have an impact on egg quality and lower implantation rates. Dr Kanna Jayaprakasan, Consultant subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine, Derby Fertility Unit, Royal Derby Hospital, Hon. Associate Professor in Gynaecology, University of Nottingham and senior author of the paper said: The data suggests that ethnicity is a major independent factor determining the chances of IVF or ICSI treatment success. While the reason for this association is difficult to explain, the potential factors could be the observed differences in cause of infertility, ovarian response, fertilisation rates and implantation rates, which are all independent predictors of IVF success. The main strengths of the study are the use of the UK HFEA national database which includes a large number of women treated in all UK units. However, the numbers in some of the sub-ethnic minorities, such as Bangladeshi women, were low in the study. Professor Adam Balen, spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and Chair of the British Fertility Society (BFS), said: Infertility affects 10-15% of the population and more people are seeking fertility treatment. This interesting study looking at maternal ethnicity provides useful data based on a large number of women undergoing fertility treatment. The reasons behind the variation need to be looked at in more detail but in the future could potentially help improve success rates amongst all groups of women. Dr Patrick Chien, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BJOG said: This study will be helpful for future treatment and could aid tailored treatment for women to maximise success rates. Further research is needed to understand the reasons behind the variation in treatment outcome between ethnic groups and future studies should incorporate ethnicity as a major determinant factor. Ends More information is available from Emma Rayner in the Communications Office at The University of Nottingham, on +44 (0)115 951 5793,; or Rebecca Jones at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Press Office, on +44 (0)207 045 6773, ; or Laura Hammond, Royal Derby Hospital Communications, on +44 (0)1332 785778, Our academics can now be interviewed for broadcast via our Media Hub, which offers a Globelynx fixed camera and ISDN line facilities at University Park campus. For further information please contact a member of the Communications team on +44 (0)115 951 5798, email or see the Globelynx website for how to register for this service.

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